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Working at Focus Media


As a member of the Focus Media team, you will be shaping the way the world will consume and analyze data in the future. Our mission is to revolutionize how marketing is done online. To go from hit-and-miss creative guesses to data-driven, reliable optimization. We are looking for people who truly love technology and have a natural curiosity. You will have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies the web has to offer, while discovering solutions to data problems. At Focus Media, we believe exceptional talent is the heart of this company, and invite you to join our growing elite technology team.

To find out more or apply for a position, please Contact Us.

Currently looking for Experts in Data Engineering

You will be responsible for populating the database, corralling data vendors, as well as ensuring that the collected data is high quality and accurate. The data engineer would also help design and develop analytics collection for our platform. The ideal candidate is someone who has a strong database pedigree and strict attention to detail.

Your ideal Background

BS in Computer Science or related, OR equivalent relevant work experience

  • RethinkDB or MongoDB, Postgres, Elastic Search

  • Node.js / Express

  • AWS

  • Familiarity with JIRA

  • Ability to work in a team environment

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